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Where do you get your used brass?
All of our once fired brass comes from our climate-controlled indoor range, inside of Precision Firearms, a public range located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. We aren’t digging corroded brass cases out of the ground at some outdoor range. As a result our brass, while not polished, is generally clean. But you must inspect each case before reloading.

Are these guaranteed to be only once fired cases?
No. The bulk of the ammo shot at our range comes from our own counter sales and we sell only new, factory loaded ammo from a variety of name brand manufacturers. So while we expect nearly all of our once fired brass cases to have only been fired once, we aren’t able to trace the family history of each round fired.  As you inspect each case prior to reloading, if it looks odd, don't use it.

How can I be sure when I order that you have the once fired brass I want in stock?
Our website will not allow you to add an item that is out of stock to your cart.  So if you can place your order online and put it in the shopping cart, that means we have it on hand and it will be on its way to you.

Why do I have to create an account to check out?
Since our ordering system is online and you are paying by credit card, you do want us to be able to get in touch with you if there is an issue, right?

Do you do backorders?
No. We have it or we don’t. If we do, it is yours. If we don’t, check back with us since we have over half a million cases going through the system each year its likely we will have what you want back in stock shortly.

Can I buy in greater quantities than 1000 or 500 count bags?
Not at this time. We are trying to make our once fired brass casings available to as many individual ammunition reloaders as possible and not to the second tier semi-commercial reloaders. As a result our quantities are sized to fit the needs of the individual.

How do I know I’m getting 1000 or 500 brass cases that I’m paying for?
Because we put more than 1000 or 500 once fired brass cases in each bag. Since we sort by caliber, using both machine and hand sorting, it is possible you may wind up with a .380 case in a bag of 9mm. To avoid any problems, we put at least 1030 cases in a 1000 count bag of brass and 515 cases in a 500 count bag of brass.

I’m local, can I buy in person?
Yes, we keep a quantity of pre-packaged once-fired brass on hand for sale in our store at Precision Firearms. We are open seven days a week, excluding certain holidays. To check our operating hours visit our indoor firing range at www.PrecisionFirearm.com

Can I place an order online and then pick it up in person without the shipping charge?

No.  Your order has already been charged the shipping charge BEFORE it reaches us to be filled.  We have no way to alter that.  If you want to pick up in person, just drive to the store any of 7 days a week and purchase off the shelf.  Pricing is the same and you won't be charged shipping that way.

I placed my order nearly three minutes ago and my brass isn’t at my doorstep. When will it be here?
We process orders in the order they were received each week. Depending on when your order came in, it may be several business days before it was processed and then you must allow for shipping. In most cases to the lower 48 states, USP should be there in 3 to 4 days after shipping.  When your order is actually in the hands of the Post Office, you will get an email notification and tracking number to follow as your order makes its way to you.

I only want brass fitting my own personal criteria.  Why won't you hand sort 100 or 1000pieces just for me?

If you have been paying attention to once fired brass prices on the Internet, you have learned we are comparitively inexpensive (cheap!!!).  We are able to keep our prices lower for two reasons.  One, we are the location where the brass is collected, not a middleman scavanging brass from various locations.  Two, we machine sort as much as possible to keep labor costs down.  Therefore, for pistol brass we can't sort by primer size, manufacturer, color or whether the brass was made by a left handed blonde on a Tuesday night shift at Remington.  Actually we can sort like that, but you wouldn't like the prices we'd have to charge.  Have you seen how much brass is in a 50 gallon barrel?


I require exotic shipping conditions such as "ship on three different days so my mailman doesn't have to carry so much at once",  "deliver to back door only", or "don't deliver before 1:00 p.m.".  Why aren't you able to accommodate my requests? 

We don't control the U.S. Post Office and apparently neither does anyone else.  We ship USPS because for this product line it is the best value for our customers.  However once we ship, we have NO control over the package.  So despite requesting such special handling, USPS does not always follow our request.  Commercial carriers shipping the same weight per box are nearly twice as much.